Gym Workouts Need Variety

Author: Erin Norton

Yesterday was gross in San Francisco. Somehow a 30% chance of rain from noon to 4pm turned into 12 hours of grey drizzly skies and just enough wind to make umbrellas pointless. Even with the rain I was not expecting my gym, Bay Club SF, to be packed. Maybe it was because of the weather, maybe everyone was getting in shape for summer or maybe it was because I actually left work at a normal hour, but every machine was take – elliptical, treadmills, rowers, bikes, even the strange contraptions that I’m too confused by to test out. The only open machine I could find was a lone stair machine, my least favorite of all gym machines.

Thanks to an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County I managed to get through a half hour of mindless and repetitive stepping. The RHOC episode included a segment where Gretchen makes fun of her boyfriend for being chubby; I took her insults to him as motivation to keep climbing my steps to nowhere. Gretchen will not be calling me a chubba wooba.

After 30 minutes of boredom I snagged a bike for a quick 20 minutes and left my gym feeling like I wasted my time on workout that just didn’t do anything for my body.

On my walk to work this morning I felt muscles I had forgotten existed, my bum even kinda ached.  It was nothing terribly painful, but definitely enough to make me notice that those muscles were sore. It was a good reminder that I need to change up my gym workouts a little more often and that workouts don’t need to be painful and hard for them to be good for my body.

Maybe today I’ll test out one of those strange contraptions or spend a little time on the rowing machine.

How often do you mix up what you do at the gym?


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