Whose this Vansome character & why is he so important to BFF?

Author: Genevieve Ferratusco

Vance enjoying the 2010 summer time.

As you can see, Vansome plays a huge part of our Be Fresh Fit website. Vansome stands for “handsome Vance”. My older brother who recently passed away due to complications of drug use. I think it’s important, to be honest and open about Vance’s life & death because so many people in this world are dealing with the same problems (we) together as a family dealt with.

As a passionate person about fitness; I’ve always wanted to find the right charity, something that was near and dear to my heart but something that could really make a difference. I juggled a few organizations but it wasn’t until recently when I lost my brother,  my sober, clean for 5 years best friend. It wasn’t until then that I KNEW I had to put my fitness ways to better use.

Vance was a fitness enthusiast just like me, who was a regular and well-known face at his gym. Known for turning his life around and focusing on the great new things life had to offer. Had joined me on so many past runs, let me talk him into Bikram yoga classes and was always cheering for me at the finish line either in person or via his Twitter/Facebook pages.

Some days, I wonder how I am going to manage to make it through life without him. Losing him is harder than anything I have ever experienced. But with his passing, I realized that I could put our love of fitness to better use. There are millions of people like my brother who are trying to make their lives better, healthier and drug-free. People who just need a little push in the right direction to realize that fitness is a great way to take control of your life and stay healthy.

I’ve started to work with DrugFree.org using fitness as a way to increase awareness and drive donations. I believe that working together – we can really make a difference & I know that we can help save others from the pain of losing a child, sibling and a friend.

We;  Rachel, Erin & I have taken Vance’s nickname and have brought it to another level.. offering Vansome Running Clubs in our three cities, as well as Vansome Running Events: a place to find the top (in our opinion) races you can participate in and by 2012 – offering you a 5k in Vance’s name.  We know that every step of each process will be done in honor and grace of Vance’s memory. All the while knowing that he would be so proud and excited for playing such an important role in Be Fresh Fit’s success.




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