Be Fresh Fit: The Origins

Author: Genevieve Ferratusco

I wanted to provide a little background on what really made be fresh fit. After much debate with Erin on what I should do with my career, she really challenged me to think of what makes me happy. When all I could think of was Sports and Fitness, it just made sense to do something fun for “us” outside of work. We started throwing out names and I really stuck close to my favorite saying “Fresh Start”.. it is something I tell almost everyone I meet. There’s always a fresh start to your life and it doesn’t have to be just about fitness.. If you need a fresh start mentally, emotionally, physically.. it’s up to you to take those first steps. After months of a slow start and thought process of where we wanted to be with “Fresh Start” the idea died down and fell to the bottom of the priority list. It wasn’t until November 2010 when I was running and just thought “we HAVE to get this going again”… that’s when we revamped our name and started planning Be Fresh Fit. I’m proud of where we are starting and what BFF can one day become. I truly hope we can provide you with everything you came here for: SUPPORT for a healthy-happy-loving life. And hey, we’re always open for ways to improve so email us or leave your comments below.



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